Mobile development + UX + design thinking =
Creative & doable solutions

The world is made up by interconnected systems, but breaking things into smaller pieces helps make sense out of it. People are definitely not excluded, thus here are just a couple of hints about myself.
A chameleonic engineer, who just can't stop finding ways in which technology may improve people's lives. I think adapting to situations lets anyone understand the circumstances and make more adequate decisions when solving problems. Not to say that it brings the opportunity of learning about other environments, things and people. 
Where & What am I doing thESE DAYS?
Back in Mexico; enhancing my writing skills by finishing my thesis. After a very enlightening summer, I got to know new stories from people I'm looking to help out. The diversity of information has also uncovered new questions, which I'm hoping to dig into in the near future.  Additionally, I am fortunate to be part of the Persuasive Tech Lab at the Cyprus University of Technology as a Research Intern this fall.
WheN & why did I choose this path?
The last 2 years I have been pursuing my master's degree in Information Technology with a focus in User Experience in a little city called Tampere, up north close to where Santa Claus lives. This opened a whole new dimension -involving design- upon me as well as possibilities to blend and apply my previous knowledge in software engineering. Additionally, I was a proud fellow at the Un-School of Disruptive Design in their NYC edition and this was an amazing opportunity to incorporate systems thinking into my design vision.  
Carrying out projects for organizations such as Microsoft Oy, Futurice and DesignOpen (a.k.a. Open Design Foundation) was unique and made me realize of the tremendous amount of scenarios where technology can disrupt. Therefore, my current thesis work involves the usage of technology to enhance long-term healthcare by incorporating media entertainment ingredients. Another way of trying to bring a bit of brightness into tasks that might seem tedious.
Where do engineering and design meet?
They have never been apart, just not really speaking the same language. Tech tools, a holistic human-centered vision and letting creativity go wild have proven to be very useful in obtaining surprising results; for a winning combo is to bridge all of these in an environment where ideas today build the world of tomorrow.
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