Here are some of the ideas that have popped in my head and that have seen the light in some sketchy mode.
A social game to play with friends, 3Deeds chips present different tasks to be performed: funny/unexpected, kind & environmental. This could be a way of adding direct manipulation to McGonigal's SuperBetter app concept.

Reusing bottle caps as there were plenty to play with during those hot summer days.

Sweet Serendipity

The idea of having different with a common ground was part of the inspiration for my thesis work. 
In this video, I asked my friends to send me clips of their feet when waking up because we all go perform the same action yet paths are totally different.

For our UI Design class, I create a paper prototype for an application that would help Tampere's Railway users. The purpose was to comply with requirements and make it usable for an audience acquainted with mobile devices.

A polished mockup created after iterating through our team's designs.

The Human-Centered Product Development course presented us with an opportunity to come up with any kind of artifact. My proposal was an AR game that would encourage children to eat healthy by making appropriate food worth points.  I created a storyboard to depict the idea and collaborated with the research in the following areas: technologies supporting the development, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, editing, etc. 

Melindrosso's storyboard
For the Human-Centered Design Project course, storyboards were needed to depict the scenarios in which potential users could find a handy platform to exchange food pictures. The main users for this product were photographers and restaurant owners.

A food photographer looking to find a platform that does recognize his work

A restaurant owner trying to attract the right clientele

SureVibe intends to be an application for the growing sector of sharing economy artifacts, 
by aiding the trade of little things that may be a surplus for people nearby. For instance, give away extra hair-dye or extra nails that were left from a woodwork project.  
SureVibe wireframes
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