Chreune uses interactive stories that continue based on a decision made by the patients' measurement of glucose or blood pressure. 
Chreune is currently being tested as a concept in Mexico as part of my thesis work. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure have been selected to carry out the study, as these diseases account for numerous deaths in developing countries.
The process has involved research on topics such as pro-development soap operas,  positive computing and narrative engagement. Twine, Youtube & Giphy have become very nice tools to make simple and interactive prototypes.  
Presentation explaining the concept and related topics during the Master Thesis Seminar course.
Stories with different paths were depicted in storyboards during the thesis proposal to improve understanding of concept. Good episode: main character meets a nice lady during his flight, his presentation turns out great and he gets a nice tour from the lady he met.
Bad episode: Main character has spent 12 hours next to a smelly passenger, gets bad reviews and is left with no time to explore London.
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