The premise behind Chreune is that telenovelas or TV series are part of amusing daily rituals; thus, piggybacking on them can help create new habits in users. Moreover, transforming them into interactive stories allows users to ponder on their own lifestyle when the finale depends on their glucose or blood pressure measurement. 
Chreune was developed and tested (as a prototype) as part of my thesis work. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure were selected to carry out the study in my home country (Mexico), as these diseases account for numerous deaths in developing nations. Moreover,  Chreune was aimed towards a population that is rarely considered in games: middle and older adult women.
Below is a detailed explanation of the research & development plan submitted to make this idea come to life.
Presentation explaining the concept and related topics during the Master Thesis Seminar course.
The process involved research on topics such as pro-development soap operas, persuasive technologies and narrative & patient engagement. Merging meaningful concepts slowly paved the way to create Chreune. Chreune wouldn't have been possible without paper, Twine, Youtube & Giphy. These became the tools of choice to make simple yet effective prototypes. You may check out Chreune at and use the code vu2y2 to access.

Paper protoype/storyboard was moved to a PPT file to simulate linkage.

Blueprint of final storyline in Twine

Patient measuring her glucose
Conducting session at patient's workplace
Unlocking the finale using their measurement
Overall, Chreune was a satisfactory project for me because it allowed me to learn about the psychology behind mundane items like soap operas, the different dimensions of engagement and made me push myself to make things happen.
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