Peter the Planet  illustrated by the talented Achmad Maulana.

Peter the Planet is a game created as a project for the Software Engineering Methodologies course. The aim was to put into practice agile techniques in the development of software. The game consists of 3 timed levels where players become Peter (a small planet) who intends to defeat an evil Black Hole. Peter needs to shoot at 'nasties' before they take away his lives. Powerballs are used to recover a life just in case Peter gets hit.
Proposed storyline and characters for the game to teammates, who embraced and supported the ideas.
Defined user stories and transformed them into actionable items.
Assigned tasks to teammates based on their skills and desires to contribute.
Coded features in Processing and managed version control in our Gitlab project.
Tracked bugs and provided fixes before final presentation.
Speed bumps
▼ Work balance became unequal across team members, as only half  was equipped with programming skills.
Solution: Got acquainted with team member backgrounds and created tasks that would create value for our project and would match their skills (e.g. business student also created risk management plan, design student created graphics for documentation and helped with testing tasks)
The Goods
Initial concepts for Peter and Black Hole.

User stories and tasks for Sprint 1 in Agilefant

Peter the Planet in action

We created a functional game, with an Easter egg (i.e. Peter could be turned into nyan cat with a secret code), and carried design, development and testing tasks along the development cycle. 
The code for Peter the Planet can be found at ​​​​​​​
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