Shumei was based on Ericsson's 'The Social Web of Things' video.  The concept of having a home that can comfort you was tantalizing, so we decided to make our own version.
Presentation of concept and sketching of systems' interconnections.
With the tools available, I created sketches of what tools could be used to make this idea come true. This was presented and discussed with our professor (who was thrilled to see how this evolved).
Proposal during brainstorming session at the "Internet of Things & Media Services" course
Research of APIs to sketching software/hardware architecture and to deployment of idea.
I created very basic diagrams for the tools & data we would need to process. The project was not very complex, thus each team member was free to work on their component as they considered proper.
In this scenario, I chose to work on the retrieval and processing of tweets from the user. I ended up using Tweepy, instead of Twython, because of a better design on their API.
Depiction of basic architecture during the initial phase.
The concept was implemented successfully and it can easily be deployed by anyone with a Raspberry Pi, since the code was made available as Open Source. A technical report of the development can be found here. 
Shumei's code can be found at: 

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