Shumei was based on Ericsson's 'The Social Web of Things' video. The concept of having a home that can comfort you was tantalizing, so we decided to make our own version

'Shumei' was created on a span of 2 ½ months intermittently. 

■ Conceptualized system and drafted diagrams of connections across components.
■ Researched literature on emotional regulation to provide insights to teammates.
■ Coded data analysis and processing tasks using Python APIs.
Contributed to writing documentation and created final presentation. 

Speed bumps
▼ Spotify API was only available to use for our purpose if we purchase a subscription. 
Solution: My team and I decided to use MP3's we had in our hard drives to test our prototype, as we were only planning to show a concept and not deploy it in a real scenario.
The Goods
Proposal during brainstorming session at the "Internet of Things & Media Services" course
Depiction of basic architecture during the initial phase.
The concept was implemented successfully and it can easily be deployed by anyone with a Raspberry Pi, since the code was made available as Open Source. A technical report of the development can be found here. 
Shumei's code can be found at: 

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