Shumei (IoT)

Shumei is a proof of concept that uses social media updates (tweets) to determine the user's mood. Once the user arrives to the destination set as 'Home', Shumei will select the kind of music that may help the user regulate her/his state.

Shumei was based on Ericsson's 'The Social Web of Things' video.  Using a Raspberry Pi, we created a hub that analyzed tweets from a (previously registered) user from whom we also assessed the Big 5 Personality traits.
For this project, my tasks included: sketching of proposal, coding of 'tweet analysis' module, writing of documentation, creation of presentation.
A technical report of the development can be found here.
Proposal during brainstorming session at the "Internet of Things & Media Services" course
Depiction of basic architecture during the initial phase.
Shumei's final architecture. The Android application displayed a webview to let the user connect to the server hosted by the Raspberry Pi.
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