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Welcome to this colorful hideout. This is where our journey begins. Explore the eclectic bytes I've helped create and let's team up to pave new ways.

This is where I tell you my story.
Back in 2014, I paused my career as a Software Developer/Test engineer and went off to pursue my master's degree in Information Technology with a focus in User Experience. I packed my bags and moved to a little city called Tampere, up north close to where Santa Claus lives. With a lot of enthusiasm, I started my path on HCI and quickly realized that there was a lot more to it than just aesthetics.
The pervasiveness of technology became more intriguing and it led me to become involved in different projects. Among the topics I worked on were: devs & designers dynamics in Open Source for DesignOpen (a.k.a. Open Design Foundation); systems thinking at the Un-School of Disruptive Design in their NYC editionproduct design and Agile methodologies for Futurice and Kesko, etc. Finally, for my thesis work, I decided to combine my knowledge and put my skills into use to explore a different branch: HCI4D.
I then came up with a plan to research, develop and test the idea of an engaging tool in Mexico powered by interactive stories. Not only did I enjoy blending several concepts but it also made me realize how much I enjoy connecting dots and creating something that improve people's lives.
Got any Quirky accomplishments?
Glad you asked! These are the latest items in my 'Neat! I did that!' list:
-Produced an award-winning video 
-Connected 2 companies to come up with a cool stunt for Stop Waste Management week (fingers crossed).

-Participated in mini flashmob for a music video  
-And finally, nailed 5 songs for our 80's rock repertoire (Yes, that includes 'Livin' on a prayer')

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