As part of the Project Work on Pervasive Systems, Futurice & Kesko gave us the opportunity to develop an Apple Watch companion for their K-Ruoka application. 
Assumed UX Designer role, conducted brainstorm with teammates to elicit ideas on features and created moodboards, personas & storyboards based on research (theoretical and user).
An Agile environment was set during the whole project and, as the UX Designer / QA element in the team, I was responsible to keep the user's voice in mind and also to involve everyone in the design process. I created Trello boards to track ideas and development such as: our client's profile, insights from potential customers, grocery market scene in Finland, etc.
Envisioned and created short videos to show the progress in our project to circumvent an NDA agreement.
Difficulties in schedules prevented the full verification of the NDA agreement on terms of material allowed to be exposed. Therefore, I proposed we could present our classmates with the kind of experience to expect from our product. Drafted a storyboard and shot a video demonstrating the capabilities of our Apple Watch shopping assistant.
Rapid storyboard for our mid-presentation video. This was an out-of-the-box way to show what our app would do as NDAs had been signed and clauses had not been thoroughly discussed with the client at this time.
Storyboard becoming a reality for our mid-term presentation
Followed Apple Watch guidelines to design icons in Photoshop and iterated on interface designs with development team. 
I collaborated with my fellow developer teammates to implement designs we had all worked on. This helped everyone learn about the constraints of the system and also be more aware of how the user would interact.
Among the artifacts used to convey ideas, I created personas, storyboards with user stories, mock-ups and visuals to represents users and the essence of our customer.
Recruited participants and conducted usability evaluations on site.
I drafted tasks to be accomplished (that would match our original users stories and would align with our test cases) and carried tests with participants at the supermarket close to our campus. This was interesting and, as always, situations where you get to be surprised. 
We delivered the product on time, surpassing the expectations our client had for us and we were given groceries with new food products to be launched at Kesko.
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