As part of the Project Work on Pervasive Systems course, Futurice & Kesko gave us the opportunity to develop an Apple Watch companion for their K-Ruoka application.

Kauppakaveri was developed in a span of 4.5 months, with 

EmbracedUX Designer/QA role, conducted brainstorm with teammates to elicit ideas on features and created moodboards, personas & storyboards based on theoretical research and interviews.
Created brand elements for team along with drafting mission, vision and values for our temporary company.
Defined usability tasks and tests to be executed using wireframes on Marvel early in the development stage.
Designed hi-fi mockups to iterate on ideas and get feedback from teammates.
Learned how to design icons using Photoshop following Apple Watch design guidelines.
Wrote and executed test cases along with risk assessment plan as part of our deliverables.
Recruited participants and conducted usability tests with final product at Kesko supermarket.
Speed bumps
▼ Scope of NDA was not clear prior to the mid-course presentation and team was unsure of what to show.
Solution: Created videos portraying our app as an actual person who executed the features present in our project.
▼ Cultural differences (work and country-wise) paved the way to have my UX work undermined.
Solution: Proposed team bonding activities to get to know each other and involved all teammates/developers in UX process to share ownership.
The Goods
Rapid storyboard for our mid-presentation video. This was an out-of-the-box way to show what our app would do as NDAs had been signed and clauses had not been thoroughly discussed with the client at this time.
Storyboard becoming a reality for our mid-term presentation

Usability tests as Kesko supermarkets.

Final presentation including everyone's work (and a small surprise from Kesko).

We delivered the product on time, surpassing the expectations our client had for us and we were given groceries with new food products to be launched at Kesko. Additionally, our final presentation was awarded 3rd place for "Best Presentation" along with a box of Fazer chocolates (which we all shared).
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