Linux Kernel is a very complex system, with a plethora of concepts and dependencies that are -sometimes- hard to understand. During my time collaborating with the Linux Kernel team, I learned a lot of new things which I have embodied in doodles.
System cache
Zombie processes
ION Memory allocator
Cache hit/miss
From zombie processes to memory managers & killers, Linux Kernel has odd scenarios that are perfect for illustrations. Nevertheless, their abstract nature makes them less appealing to software teams that could benefit from knowing their behavior. Luckily, efforts to increase awareness on these components were carried by teams across the organization.
One of the items that became a focal point to expose, due to security concerns, was that of buffer overflows. As part of the Security Tech Forum, I worked with a Kernel developer colleague to create a short video explaining this topic. Fortunately, we were given the Judge's Choice Award for our contribution in this second edition of the Buffer Overflow Video Contest.

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